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La Laguna for women travelling alone

La Laguna is the perfect place for women travelling alone thanks to its wide variety of plans that perfectly combine outdoor and nature activities with an always vibrant cultural agenda. Visiting La Laguna will undoubtedly be an experience of total connection in a setting that stands out for its cultural and natural heritage.

Here are some tips to help you plan and enjoy your visit to La Laguna:

1. Travel without rushing

La Laguna is a destination that invites you to travel in a more relaxing and authentic style. And this goes hand in hand with the leitmotiv of solo travel: to treat oneself to an enjoyable experience of personal wellbeing. To devote oneself completely to pleasure and to be able to do so without rushing.

Because travelling in a more leisurely way, the slow travel that has become a trend lately, allows you to enjoy every moment and every detail to the fullest. To lose oneself in the narrow streets of the old town of this World Heritage city is not only to admire its colonial architecture, but also to discover small craft shops and stop to chat with the local people in its markets.

It is, after all, about having the time to take in what is happening before your eyes, to admire the beauty of what you are seeing and to savour each new experience.

2. Farewell to lists of things to see and do

Forget about checklists, get rid of the stress of having to comply with an endless list of places to visit or plans to make. The important thing here is to let yourself go. Because La Laguna is one of those places that exudes authenticity. And these places with such personality can be discovered by taking a look at them calmly. Observing, with curiosity, and feeling the place.

The important thing here is not the perfect photo to post on Instagram, but the beautiful things you experience on the road, the interesting people you meet along the way, the stories they tell you and the ways of life you witness.

Surprise yourself in improvised conversations in a pub or a bar or chatting with a craftsman or craftswoman in a local shop. You will see that the best part of the trip is often not just the places, but also how you experience them and the people you encounter. You will discover the welcoming and gentle nature of the people of La Laguna. Open your mind and heart and soak up all that’s new.

3. Connect with yourself and the surroundings

One of the benefits for women travelling alone is to be able to have quality time of their own. And La Laguna is the perfect stage for any journey of self-discovery and/or connection. There are two options here, which are by no means mutually exclusive. The first is to surrender body and soul to the pleasure of disconnection. That sweet state where the problems, routines and obligations of everyday life take a back seat. And the second option is to strongly embrace reconnection. That role that you play in your own existence. It’s about taking time to listen and pamper yourself as well as finding your balance.

The moments of silence and nature are essential here, a must on your trip. Enter the Biosphere Reserve and stroll through its thousand-year-old laurel forests. You will discover that among all these plants and bird species, and the fresh breeze typical of these humid forests, you will find calm.

And head down to the coast for a splash where the lava kisses the sea, in the form of natural pools. Feel the strength of the Atlantic and the energy of the volcano, in a bath that offers the best medicine any time of the year.

4. Join guided tours and ecotours

Joining an official tour with a trained group and a guide is a great idea for women travelling alone. It is an excellent way to meet new people and let go of the travel reins and delegate others to do the work, at least for a few hours. The good news is that La Laguna has several free guided tours and very interesting ecotours that will allow you to get to know the local life and its spectacular heritage.

5. Don’t plan everything in detail

Not everything has to be planned in advance, leave room for improvisation, and since you have given up lists, you don’t want to feel the clock ticking in the back of your head either. Write down a few routes or activities to do, but also flow with whatever you feel like doing at any given moment and the situations that come up. May your plans be flexible and vary as do the microclimates that bathe these lands moving capriciously.

6. Meet new people and stories that inspire you.

While enjoying quality time alone and travelling on your own should be mandatory, the truth is that another advantage of being a woman and travelling solo is being able to meet lots of new people and make friends on the road.

La Laguna has such a rich cultural and leisure offer that this task will not be a major obstacle for you. Social and cultural venues such as the Aguere bring together people of all ages daily and also on special days to enjoy a wide range of cultural events, from concerts to performances and exhibitions.

In addition to these and other cultural spaces, there are also the always sparkling bar areas in every corner of the old town of La Laguna as a university city, always so vibrant and full of life.

7. Practice the “terraceo”

La Laguna boasts an eclectic gastronomy. From finger-licking Canarian dishes to vegan and vegetarian specialities. But most importantly, with a range of 0 km products, showing off the agricultural skills of the area of Tejina, Valle Guerra and the rural areas of Anaga.

8. From theatre to live music, choose your evening plan.

Live music, poetry, workshops, theatre… the cultural offer is so wide and interesting that you cannot leave La Laguna without experiencing it. It is also a perfect way to spend evenings in La Laguna for women travelling alone.